Motorcycle Pants

Don’t forget about the lower half of your body. A pair of motorcycle pants can protect your legs if you happen to go down. There are many styles of riding pants to choose from, which means that there is something for everyone, no matter what type of riding you do. Getting in the right pair will keep your legs protected and comfortable on your next ride.

Pants provide a classic look and fit, and are usually constructed of leather. The fit is very relaxed and straight and is perfect for the more upright riding positions on cruiser and touring bikes.

Sport bike pants are designed to be comfortable in the unique positions that you are in on sport bikes. The street options tend to be a looser, more casual fit to be comfortable on and off of the bike, but they do usually come pre-curved to be comfortable in the tuck. Motorcycle racing pants have a tighter fit to be more aerodynamic and to stay tight to the legs in a high speed slide.

Dual sport and ADV pants are the most versatile. They are often waterproof and contain armor. Made from highly abrasion-resistant materials, they are very durable. ADV pants will be able to keep you comfortable and protected in the widest array of conditions.

Whatever style of motorcycle pants you decide to go with, you can ride more confidently, knowing that you have the protection that you need.