Michelin Motorcycle tires

As one of the largest and oldest tire manufacturers in the world, Michelin has become a trusted motorcycle tire brand for riders of all types. Michelin first began their quest for the perfect tire in 1889 and since then have continued to create new technologies that make their tires so great. In order to prove that their motorcycle tires are able to perform at the highest levels, Michelin invests heavily into racing. Their commitment to street motorcycle racing has led to over 360 victories, including 12 WSBK World Championships. Similar success is being had in offroad racing as well.

Michelin motorcycle tires feature some of the most advanced tire technology in the world. They work to create the most advanced compounds, tire shapes, and tread patterns that will deliver the best grip, handling and mileage possible for motorcycle tires. The Michelin Pilot, Power, Anakee, Commander and Scorcher tire lines are all designed to deliver the best performance for their respective styles of riding and motorcycles. The Star Cross line is one of the most sought after dirt bike tire lines and is depended on by top riders.