ჩვენ შესახებ

“Bikeland” is a Company, which providing technical support, offering to customers the moto equipment and all necessary spare parts for all type of motorcycles, mopeds or quadriceps. The company was established in 2015 and works till now. During these years the Company won many moto lovers hearts, because the bikeland offers a wide range of equipment from world-leading brands and moto care.

Also the Company offers to customers to deliver any kind of motorcycles from different countries. We would like to say, that our motorcycle service is one of the leading not only in Georgia, but also in the Caucasus, because it has very professional and qualified staff. Our technical support and service helped to local and many foreign moto travelers with repairing.

Our customers often using and recommending our service to others Our company’s aim is to increase the interest and promote the moto culture popularization, to promote the latest technologies in moto industry and offer the better service to customers according to the standards.